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Essentially, a “commitment to action” is exactly what the name suggests; it is a promise to commit to a cause and then to take action and inspire some kind of change in your life that will guide the world down a more sustainable path. Whether it be an economic, social, political, or environmental commitment that you choose to take on-- Bracelets for Commitment inspires you to keep that promise. Otherwise, there is no chance at creating a sustainable world.

Our bracelets are hand-woven by Colombian artisans who reside in impoverished, at-risk communities. As the demand for the bracelets rise, more low-income women are hired, creating an environment where women are now able to hold jobs and manage their own finances. Our bracelets are 100% sustainable, being made only from natural fibers and certified waxed cotton imported from italy, while also being completely waterproof, and no machines are used for their production.

The funds collected through bracelet sales and donations will go back into the daily upkeep of Bracelets for Commitment, it will also help establish a competition that will provide seed funding to help social entrepreneurs startup their own “commitments.”

The competition allows for Bracelets for Commitment to stay true to itself by promoting and helping new and upcoming commitments while still enlarging the movement that is core to our philosophy.

We aim to make our financials as transparent as possible, knowing exactly where your money is going is of our utmost priority.

Behind every great organization, there is a great logo. Our logo is made up of 4 gears, each in a different color that corresponds to a bracelet (and a commitment). Since we believe that all issues in our world are interconnected, our logo represents our belief that a single change (no matter how big or small) in any of the 4 pillars of sustainability generates enough energy to move the entire system-- therefore a change in one gear can move all the gears at once.

Show the world your impact by posting a picture of the commitment in action or of you with the bracelet. Write a description of your commitment that includes the color of the commitment, our hashtag #B4C, and tag us @bracelets4commitment. Make sure you're following us as we'd love to repost on our account as well!

Commitments are ready to be made all around us; if you aren’t sure where to make a commitment or what to commit to, here are some places that can help inspire you on your changemaking journey:

Our Instagram;

Our Blog;

Our Podcast;

Our Welever Dashboard;

Or ask a person in your community.

We recommend first figuring out what issue you are passionate about because the issues that we have the strongest connection to are the ones we leave the largest impact in.